The Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. Executive Team and Board of Directors have over 80 years of combined experience in the distributing market.  Our roots date back to 1946.  Ideas, connections, and relationships with suppliers and retail partners developed throughout the past decades are transferred to the current leadership team.  We espouse the core Lekiu values of respect, ethicalness, integrity, accountability, and responsibility.


The Lekiu Team is anchored by years of experience unmatched in other companies in the distributing industry.  This is supported by long-term relationships with hundreds of suppliers and retail partners.  These are the Lekiu Team’s advantages: industry experience and relationships.

Executive Team

Our Executive Team has built-in relationships with many retail partners, wholesalers, suppliers, and trade-connections throughout their extensive years of experience.  The Team runs a very efficient company that generates high sales for our suppliers and retail partners.

Our Category Brand Managers play an important role in the management of the brands we represent.  Our managers come from a diverse background in sales, data-mining, and marketing.  Our diversity and wealth of unique experience make us a perfect team to market our brands.


Our Sales team is an extremely important factor in Lekiu’s success.  With over 50 years of combined experience in the retail marketplace, we have grown and nurtured our relationships with retail partners.


Our Administration team has decades of experience in handling administration tasks.  This ensures that Lekiu is functioning smoothly, without hiccups processing orders, conducting accounting tasks, and analyzing data.


Our Warehousing team is integral to Lekiu’s success.  The Warehouse facilitators are experienced in logistics and handling of packages.  We make sure deliveries are always on-time, thereby ensuring high service-levels for our suppliers and retail partners.