Our vast delivery network spans the entirety of Canada and some States in the USA. Lekiu’s large warehouse in Vancouver is perfect for the distribution of goods. We regularly take-in and ship out orders daily. Our warehouse team has decades of warehousing experience that ensures timely incoming and outgoing deliveries.

Our estimated on-time rate exceeds 98%. You can count on Lekiu Distributors Ltd. for your distribution needs.

Our distribution services include:


Do you need a warehousing solution in Canada? Do you need a shipping point to separate large containers into pallets or cases for small distribution? Lekiu Distributors Ltd. can help. Please contact us.

Customs and Clearance Services

Do you need help on importing food products into Canada? At Lekiu, we have decades of importing food products and general merchandise into Canada. We ensure your goods enter into Canada through without regulatory problems and delays. Please contact us.

Full Range of Services

Do you need the full range of services that Lekiu offers? At Lekiu, we can warehouse your goods, prepare comprehensive marketing and promotional plans, sell your goods to our portfolio of partners, and maintain a long-term view of your brands. Through collaborative efforts, you can count on Lekiu Distributors Ltd. Please contact us.