Creating sustainable and consistent growth is what we are doing at Lekiu Distributors Ltd. Our strategies focus our efforts on:

Committing the Organization for Growth

We are constantly promoting and developing a corporate culture of innovation, courage and action throughout the company. Our management team leads by example to promote open and honest discussions. We are always striving for improvements, identifying what works well and what does not, then deciding on a solution. There is always a balance that we seek between decision-making nationally and locally and more so on a global market. When making decisions we work hand in hand with our local-market retailers, as they are closest to our mutual consumers.

Structuring Our Categories

We are committed to structuring our categories so they become more relevant to consumers. We are making our products more contemporary by identifying key consumer trends that can have the biggest impact on our business. These trends are:

  • Health & Wellness

  • Quick Meals

  • Snacks

  • Premium

  • Pharmaceuticals

We are also looking at our business in modern ways and seeing how we can use our combination of brands to benefit the consumer.

Make the Best Use of Our Sales Capabilities

Lekiu Distributors Ltd. has one of the largest and most powerful sales networks in Western Canada and expanding aggressively into Central and Eastern Canada. This powerful network creates more opportunities to highlight the products consumers want and ensures they are always in stock. Internationally, Lekiu Distributors Ltd. is expanding our already well- established distribution reach in the Far East. Investing in and leveraging these competitive advantages will help drive business growth.

Drive Down Costs Without Compromising Quality

At Lekiu Distributors Ltd. we are committed to keeping costs low without compromising quality. We are constantly improving our internal structure and outsource certain activities when necessary. This allows us to work more closely and efficiently with suppliers and consumers.