Logistics & Management Information Systems

We have a Canadian distribution network dedicated to direct-to-store and wholesale delivery. They cover the following areas and are expanding:- Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York & Houston.

Management Information Systems

Our robust and state of the art MIS system allows us to offer our clients the following information packages:

[1] Sales & Purchase Forecast Systems Product analyses by brand, SKU, distribution channel, consumer type & market

[2] Market Analysis & Audit Sales analysis, Listing and Distribution breakdowns, Advertising Results, Promotional Results, and Couponing Results

Costing and price build up models are used to analyze price points to provide better customer service and up to date information at all times. Lekiu Distributors Ltd. has a hi-tech MIS system that is robust and secure. Sales velocity and account reports are generated regularly to monitor sales and trends. Lekiu Distributors Ltd. is able to represent principles in Asian and/or mainstream markets in Western and/or Eastern Canada and the United States.


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